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RRAD [academy] Photography provides Professional Photography Training & Consultancy to Photographers of all levels.


As you might have gathered from our images, we are extremely passionate about Photography and there is nothing better than being able to share this passion with fellow Photographers.


We currently provide the following courses & workshops and for more detailed information, please download the Course Brochure or contact Rieghard on 071 896 6831 or email.



Courses Presented:

Photography 101

This course will teach you all the basic fundamentals of Photography, including handling your camera, exposure control, composition & many more.  Presented primarily on a ‘1to1’ basis. [download brochure]


Creative Lighting & "off-camera" Flash

The aim of this workshop is to introduce all participants to the dynamic world of ‘controlled’ lighting and how to effectively utilise all available light sources natural & artificial. [download brochure]


Workflow & Post-Production

This workshop's purpose is to introduce you to workflow software, such as Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, Capture One, etc and to guide you on how to effectively use this software, to enable you to reduce your time spent on images to an absolute minimum, whilst still obtaining the results you want